Cyber Monday may be nearing the end, but savvy shoppers can still score great deals. Check out the popular discounts and deals that members of the What to Expect are scoring on baby essentials, fashionable sneakers, toys and much more.

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A comprehensive discussion about the significance of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy in the U.S. Also discusses vaccine types, their safety, and the implications for the unborn child.

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Comprehensive advice to protect your baby from severe respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) that can cause hospitalization. Includes information on a new RSV vaccine for pregnant mothers and an RSV antibody for newborns.

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The article discusses novel approaches in protecting babies from severe RSV, a leading cause of infant hospitalization in the US, one being an RSV vaccine for pregnant women, the other an RSV antibody administered after birth.

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This article delves into the new medication Zurzuvae, specifically designed to treat Postpartum Depression and how it can be a timely aid to new mothers. Discover how Zurzuvae works, how it's distinctive from other available treatments, its potential costs, and when it's expected to be on the market.

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The FDA recently approved a new vaccine for RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), a common but potentially serious illness in infants. This ground-breaking vaccine is named Abrysvo and is designed to be administered in expectant women to protect their newborns against the virus.

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The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor, which is a favorite pick among editors and parents, is now available for $240, instead of its regular price of $300. The baby monitor features a 1080p HD camera and provides a bird's eye view of your baby.

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