Navigating the Best Deals During Amazon's Prime Days and Black Friday

The article provides a comprehensive guide and insights on the best time to purchase various pregnancy and baby gear, whether during Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days or on Black Friday. The focus is on achieving maximum savings without compromising on quality.

For full transparency, the shopping links included in this guide may garner us commissions. At the time of writing this, we ensured all sales and prices were accurate.

In the coming weeks, Amazon will be launching its Prime Big Deal Days, a two-day sales extravaganza that enables Amazon Prime members to enjoy incredible savings on both daily necessities and big-ticket items. It's also a wonderful opportunity to make a headstart on holiday shopping. However, there's another thrilling budget-savvy event closing in. We're not referencing Target Circle Week or Walmart Holiday Kickoff which are situated in conjunction with the autumn Prime Day. We're talking about Black Friday, the notorious post-Thanksgiving blowout sale recognized for its massive discounts. Black Friday is just around the corner and it's time to prepare.

Undeniably, these sales are a relief for expecting parents and caregivers seeking to mitigate the substantial expenses of child-rearing. Yet, they can also appear daunting. With a multitude of deals within reach, pinpointing the deals that are genuinely worth it and would stretch your dollar the most might seem challenging.

Thankfully, our team at What to Expect excels at not just locating deals, but hunting down the deals that provide the most significant savings. We sifted through previous Black Friday sales and evaluated deals from the last year's autumn Prime Day (also known as Prime Early Access Sale). Consequently, we're now able to advise on which pregnancy and baby gear are best bought during Prime Big Deal Days and which ones are worth waiting for till Black Friday.

We're cognizant that you might have preferred brands in mind which could potentially be running captivating sales at the moment. If that holds true, we would certainly encourage you to capitalize on these deals. But if you're not particularly brand-specific or can afford to wait to buy that item you've been keeping tabs on, this guide can assist you in saving more money. We recommend checking out our compilation of the top-rate Prime Big Deal Days sales for an even broader perspective.

Keep in mind, we're perpetually on the hunt for the top pregnancy and baby deals. We advise bookmarking our weekly deals roundup to ensure you can save money anytime you shop.

Prime Big Deal Days: Great Time to Get Pregnancy and Baby Gear

One of the key goals of Prime Big Deal Days is to aid customers in making early (and, naturally, cost-saving) holiday shopping preparations. For parents, this involves securing in-demand toys without breaking the bank.

Bottles from renowned brands saw a 20% to 30% markdown during the last year's Prime shopping event. As parents often suggest trialing a few brands before choosing “the one,” this is an opportune time to procure from various brands without being concerned about financial waste.

If you've been delaying the purchase of a high chair until your baby is ready for solids, it could be time to take action during Prime Big Deal Days. You could enjoy a 30% discount on high chairs and since many high chairs can be tweaked to fit your growing child, you're essentially buying a dining seat that would last a lifetime.

Frida Baby has built an impressive fanbase by inventing brilliant products that help with tricky baby situations like baby boogers and crusty cradle cap. A 30% discount on many of these items was offered during the Prime Early Access Sale last year. If you're looking for solutions to take care of your baby without causing a dent in your pocket, this sale is for you.

Pregnancy and Baby Gear You Should Wait to Buy during Black Friday Sales

If we recall history accurately, diaper bags will witness higher discounts during Black Friday. And because Black Friday is a universal shopping event, you’ll have more brands to pick from and a better probability of spotting the one bag that truly suits your needs on sale.

Similarly, strollers and car seats can also wait until Black Friday. The deals on these items are typically more rewarding during Black Friday and you will find these deals rampant across multiple retailers.

A crib is a necessary and costly baby purchase. Despite some cribs being available for discounted prices during the Prime Big Deal Days, the deeper discounts often materialize on Black Friday.

Lastly, tech-savvy parents can look forward to lapping up stupendous deals on smart baby monitors during the Black Friday sale. Brands like Owlet and Nanit have previously extended a 30% discount on their smart baby monitors.