Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days: What it means for Parents and Parents-to-be

A comprehensive guide for maximizing savings during Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days, an annual two-day shopping event, specifically tailored for parents and parents-to-be.

Amazon's Special Shopping Event: Prime Big Deal Days

Amazon, the world-renowned online shopping giant, has a tradition of hosting a two-day extravaganza known as Prime Day. In an interesting turn of events, Amazon has announced another similar affair called 'Prime Big Deal Days'. This event targets to give Prime members the privilege of shopping thousands of deals on high-value items and daily necessities. Scheduled for October 10 and October 11, it is especially beneficial for parents and new parents as it offers substantial discounts on essentials like car seats, baby clothing and maternity care kits.

Though Prime Big Deal Days feels like it's a long way ahead, it's advised to start the preparation now for this high-level sale event. Following there is a checklist that fills you in with everything you need to know to get maximum savings during Prime Big Deal Days. Don't forget to keep a tab on this page and revisit for regular updates.

Prime Big Deal Days, the October equivalent of Prime Day, operates similarly to the summer sale event. The sale promises significant markdowns across the comprehensive product range of the site. For new parents or soon-to-be parents, this event is the perfect chance to amass daily use products like baby wipes, diapers and baby bottles along with saving money on high-cost items like baby monitors, strollers and car seats. Apart from baby and maternity items, you can also consider buying yourself something nice for self-care or even start ticking off items from your holiday shopping list.

Getting the Most out of Prime Big Deal Days

In preparation for the Prime Big Deal Days sales, there are specific strategies parents can tap into to maximize their savings. Firstly, consider exploring Amazon's Warehouse. Home to countless previously owned items ranging from smartphones to baby chairs, this section offers significantly decreased prices. During Prime Big Deal Days, the likelihood of these items being part of special deals is high, enabling customers to save even more. However, it's recommended to avoid buying certain products, such as breast pumps, cribs and car seats, second-hand due to potential safety concerns.

Secondly, if you're pregnant or are expecting a baby soon, it's a wise decision to create an Amazon Registry. Amazon Prime members who have a baby registry are eligible for a 15% completion discount. This discount can be used for items that are still left to buy on their baby registry. This discount provision allows you to plan your purchases better during the Prime Big Deal Days. If a coveted item, like a baby car seat, is available for a 12% discount during the sale, you can decide to skip the deal knowing you'll be able to use your 15% completion discount later. On the opposite end, if an item you love is available at a 25% discount during the sale, it would be financially sound to buy it then and there.

Lastly, use this two-day event to stock up on items you'll need daily. Diapers are an excellent product for this strategy. It's advisable to buy at least one box of sizes 1 to 3 if you're pregnant or have a newborn; if your baby is slightly older, buying a box of the current size they’re wearing, and one each from the next two sizes is a savvy move. This strategy can save you a fair chunk of money on a product you are sure to need in the future. Visit the links provided for shopping tips, tricks and suggestions about the best things to buy during Prime Big Deal Day if you're pregnant or a new parent.